My name is Jodie and I am a mum, wife and a Doula. I am far from perfect. In fact I pretty much embrace the crazy. Two of my kids are autistic, With a neurotypical in the middle. We lost our first son to stillbirth. I have become chronically unwell wkth severe nerve damage and post surgical complications and am currently fed through a PEG tube and either hospital or housebound. I struggle with weight, I have PTSD, a disfunctional extended family and I live in chaos but I’m learning to go with it all and trust in God.

So what are my passions? What is this blog about? Family life,  autism,  loss . Add in mental health, friendships, grief, joy, weight loss and surgical complications and making sure we are living not just surviving

Family photo

Meet my family.

There’s me (Jodie) my husband Paul, my eldest Bri who is 11, Paige who is 10 and Geoffrey who is 6. I also have a special baby boy Bailey who was stillborn in 2011.

With grief, anxiety, depression, autism, and my severe chronic illness / disability mixed in our house can be pretty chaotic.

We also have a Cat called sunshine and currently 7 chooks- Chuck, Spot, Georgie, Princess and her “chicks” Mulan, Peach and Berry.

Join me as I blog about family, love, life, illness, faith, Loss and hope. Taking the good times and the hard times and holding on to hope through out.

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